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South Yorkshire WW1 Hero Lance Corporal Norman Jackson VC added to War Memorial

Today the last post was played in tribute to a young World War One soldier, who wrote home and described himself as an ordinary lad. But the actions of Lance Corporal Norman Jackson required extra-ordinary bravery, and he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross by King George the 5th for taking control of a machine gun installation and capturing 14 prisoners during the final advance to victory along the Hindenburg Line

There was a letter he wrote to a friend of his in 1918 in Swinton. He makes the reference there to the fact he was so surprised at himself for doing what he was doing. And that suggests to me that he was a man of some humility

– Michael Jackson, a relative of Lance Corporal Norman Jackson VC

This morning, Lance Corporal Jackson VC was finally given his rightful place on the Great Central Railway War Memorial. It's believed his name may have been written incorrectly as W Jackson, when the original monument was re-cast in bronze in 1925

Memorial service to unveil Lance Corporal Norman Jackson's name Credit: ITV

I think the extra W Jackson was T N Jackson, and if you can envisage the letters were crumbling away, and if you can imagine the capital letters T N, I can imagine the upright of the T and the letter N looking like a W.

– Ken Grainger, Great Central Railway Society.

Thanks to the efforts of the Great Central Railway Society the sacrifice of Lance Corporal Norman Jackson VC, will never be forgotten.