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Mike Hookem: I never hit Steven Woolfe

Mike Hookem has spoken for the first time since the incident at the European Parliament Credit: Press Association / ITV News

Mike Hookem has hit back at allegations that he 'landed a blow' on fellow UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe.

Speaking to ITV Calendar about the altercation, which left his colleague in hospital, the Yorkshire MEP described said 'there wasn't one blown thrown.'

"It was a scuffle that lasted literally seconds."

– Mike Hookem

The incident happened following a discussion about who would take on the leadership of the party.

"I was a silly incident, it was a heated debate, this went a little bit further than that."

– Mike Hookem

Asked why he did not comment on events yesterday, Mr Hookem said he was 'either on a plane, train or in a car' throughout the afternoon, and 'didn't know anything about (Mr Woolfe) being in hospital' until later in the day.

Mr Hookem added that he was 'very concerned' when he found out what had happened.

"I was very concerned for him. I'm very pleased he's on the mend and he's making a recovery but whatever caused that seizure - it was not caused by me or my hand. I did not punch him."

– Mike Hookem

Mr Hookem, who is originally from Hull, told ITV Calendar the event was 'regrettable and 'embarrasing', but said he believes the pair will be able to 'put this behind us'.

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