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Pride of Britain: North & West Yorkshire finalists

Sarah Clark reports on the North and West Yorkshire regional finalists for the Pride of Britain Awards

Allen Hart:

Allen Hart from Leeds lost his 3-year-old daughter to a rare form of cancer.

Since then the gas engineer has raised nearly 100,000 thousands of pound to a children's cancer charity and set up a free service and boiler installations to help others in similar situations.

Over 3000 people in the industry have now joined his campaign.

Shelia Scott:

Shelia Scott from Leeds has been fundraising for the British Legion since the early 80's raising over a half a million pounds for the charity. She's also given support to veterans and those who need it.

Kelly Barrett:

Kelly Barrett from Keighley has spent the last year raising money for a children's funeral charity after her 4-year-old son Ryan died suddenly from a twisted intestine.

Lizzie Jones:

Lizzie Jones from Wakefield has been fundraising to change the law and make sure all Rugby Clubs have defibrillators after her husband Danny Jones, who played for the Keighley Cougars died on the pitch.