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Pride of Britain: South & East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire regional finalists

Sarah Clark reports on the South & East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & North East Derbyshire regional finalists for the Pride of Britain Awards

Stacy Suddaby

Stacy Suddaby from Hull has been at the forefront of a campaign to make sure every school in her home city has emergency inhalers after her son died from an asthma attack whilst playing football.

Becky Measures

10-years-ago Becky Measures from Chesterfield was the youngest female to have a double mastectomy. Since then she's been raising money and campaigning about Hereditary Breast Cancer.

Ray Matthews

Ray Matthews from Rotherham is now known to many as Yorkshire's Marathon Man after he just completed 75 Marathon in 75 days at the age 75. It's just one of many fundraising events he's done to raise thousands of pounds for children with disabilities.

Ann Rich

75-year-old Ann Rich from Grantham has helped hundreds of people in Uganda over the last 10-years. She's even used part of her own pension to open a nursery out there.