Today marks the 27th birthday of Ben Needham.

The toddler went missing on the Greek island of Kos 25 years ago.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror today Ben's family said they will be remembering their “beautiful” and “cheeky” little boy.

His mum, Kerry, said: “I've always pictured him alive but this birthday is going to be so dreadful because I know the chances of him being dead are 99 per cent."

We are still in this horrible limbo. Normally we mark the day by buying a birthday card and lighting a candle but this year what can we do? Under normal circumstance when someone has died you've got somewhere to go and remember them but we haven't got that special place. It's really difficult. We will just try and remember the beautiful cheeky boy he was. >

Kerry Needham, speaking to the Daily Mirror
More than 70 exhibits were found in the search for Ben Needham on Kos this month Credit: ITV News

The Facebook page set up to support the search for him is asking people to change their profile picture to that of the toddler, who was 21 months old when he went missing.

Yesterday police revealed the toy car that they found in their excavation of Kos in the search for Ben this month.

South Yorkshire Police recovered the toy during digs that were taking place close to where the Sheffield toddler disappeared in 1991.

It prompted the detective who was leading the operation to say that it was his "professional belief" that Ben was dead.