A four-year-old boy from Hull who had a life changing operation last month is walking for the first time.

Louie Elbourne and his twin sister Ava were both born with cerebral palsy and couldn't walk without help.

Ava had groundbreaking surgery as part of an NHS trial earlier this year, but the twins' parents had to raise £70,000 for Louie to have the same operation privately in America.

Ava Elbourne looking after her twin brother Credit: Family

They say he has been making 'amazing progress' ever since:

"Although the operation is to remove the stiffness and spasticity in his legs, we've noticed a change in his hands aswell because he's having to think less about his legs now so he's been able to do more. His speech, we think, has come on, and he just seems more happy and content in himself which is just completely and utterly life-changing for us, just to see the potential that he's got there really brings a tear to our eye every day that we see it. It's just fantastic."

Phil Elbourne

Fiona Dwyer reports: