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Emmerdale has 'second highest property values' in soap housing list

Emmerdale has the second highest property values of all the soaps, a report has found. With the average brick in a home in the fictional village estimated to be worth nearly £50, many of the soap's characters would find themselves priced out of the property market there in real life.

The research, carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) for Barclays Mortgages, put EastEnders in first place in the "battle of the bricks", with the average brick in a home in Albert Square estimated to be worth nearly £150.

Hollyoaks was in third place, with the average brick in a home there valued at just over £35.

The research looked at typical property values and sizes in various locations across Britain to make the findings.

For Emmerdale, it looked and properties in the Yorkshire Dales and for EastEnders, it looked at properties in East London.

Here is the typical value of a typical brick in a property in various soap locations, according to calculations by Cebr:

  • 1. EastEnders (East London), £148.82
  • 2. Emmerdale (Yorkshire Dales), £49.43
  • 3. Hollyoaks (Chester), £35.84
  • 4. Coronation Street (Salford), £26.51
  • 5. River City (Glasgow), £22.55
  • 6. Pobol y Cwm (Cardiff), £20.75