Lindsay Rimer: the 22-year mystery of the murdered schoolgirl

It was bonfire weekend 22 years ago when Lindsay Rimer disappeared from Hebden Bridge.

She was 13 - she would have been 35 years old today.

She had gone to buy cornflakes at the local Spar shop but was never seen alive again.

Five months after Lindsay disappeared in 1994 her body was found, weighted down, in the Rochdale Canal just two miles upstream from where she lived.

Since then several different police officers have attempted to solve this murder inquiry, all of them saying the same thing - that the killer must either be local or have connections to the area.

In the years since her daughter died, Geri Rimer has remained in the Hebden Bridge area marking countless birthdays and anniversaries, often with appeals for someone to end her heartache and let her know what happened to Lindsay.

Geri Rimer returns to the Rochdale Canal where her daughter's body was found Credit: ITV News

I have interviewed Geri many times over the years and her message has not changed, nor has it become any less powerful.

Today she stood at the place where two workmen found Lindsay's body and appealed once again for someone to tell her what happened to her daughter.