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South Yorkshire and Humberside Police told to improve by inspectors

The two forces are among eight across the country that require improvement Credit: PA

Inspectors have told the police forces for South Yorkshire and Humberside they need to improve.

They are two of just eight forces deemed to require improvement in the latest efficiency inspection by the Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabularies.

The assessment looks at how they use resources and how they plan to in the future, to keep people safe and reduce crime.

Humberside Police welcomed the news after they were rated as inadequate last year Credit: PA

HMIC said Humberside Police need to do more to understand "demand" for services. Its report added that inspectors were "disappointed" at the insufficient number of officers sent to some high-priority incidents.

HMIC’s most recent inspection to Humberside Police assessed the force as requiring improvement in how it efficiently keeps people safe and reduces crime. During our inspection, we found that the force has some understanding of demand for its services, but that more needs to be done.

Humberside Police has taken steps to match officers and staff to demand from the public for their service however, I was disappointed to find that the numbers of officers were not always sufficient to attend priority incidents quickly. This means that sometimes the service to the public was below the standard set by the force.


The inspectors said South Yorkshire Police had "limited understanding" of how to prevent crime from taking place.

South Yorkshire Police does have a good understanding of current demand where it is responding to crime and incidents, but it has a limited understanding of how to work proactively to prevent crime occurring in the first place.

The force’s limited understanding of current and future demand, and of workforce capability, is adversely affecting the quality of services it currently provides.


In response, Humberside Police said they welcomed the HMIC report into efficiency, which they say has recognised improvements over the past year and upgraded the force to requires Improvement.

Chief Constable Justine Curran said: “This is welcome news and I am pleased that our efforts have been recognised. Modern policing is very a tough job, done by extraordinary individuals, often in difficult circumstances. I’d like to pay tribute to the men and women of the force, who are making a real difference to the communities we serve, every single day."

Our people have worked really hard to achieve these improvements and we’re not finished yet. We know we have more to do and we will do it, but this is a long term plan and, as with all long-term change, I expect there will be ups and there will be downs along the way.

I meet with officers and support staff every day, who joined this force to make a difference to the people of Humberside – that is what we do and it’s what we’ll continue to do, regardless of inspections and reports. It’s why we join the police.

– Chief Constable Justine Curran

South Yorkshire Poilce say thety have already started working on the areas which they have been told to improve on in the report.

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Barber, said: “South Yorkshire Police welcomes the latest HMIC report, the findings of which are similar to the conclusions of the Peer Review conducted by the College of Policing in to the Force earlier this year, and those already recognised by the Force through its own internal review.

“As such, we are already acting on the areas highlighted as requiring improvement by HMIC, in line with the recommendations provided."

Every officer and member of staff within South Yorkshire Police is committed to ensuring our communities can have trust and confidence in the Force, and we will continue to listen to the public to ensure we are preventing and fighting crime and protecting communities.”

– Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Barber