A seven-year-old cricket fan from Bradford has submitted a hand written application for the vacant Yorkshire County Cricket Club head coach position.

Isaac Zabrocky's hand written application

Isaac Zabrocky received a reply personally from the club's chief executive Mark Arthur.

Yorkshire CCC Chief Executive wrote a response to the young fan personally

Isaac's dad, Rob, explained that his son has Asperger's syndrome which affects his fine motor skills and his ability to write.

Having his son write the application was a way to combine his passion for the sport and a chance for him to practice his writing.

Yorkshire's former head coach Jason Gillespie left the club after five years in charge.

Isaac has Aspergers, which affects his fine motor skills impacting his handwriting. We are always looking for ways to get him to practice writing, we use cricket a lot because it's one of his passions. He plays a cricket management game and does quite well, so he asked if he could write to Yorkshire to apply for Dizzy Gillespie's old job. Obviously this was a great idea for us. It's fantastic, for such a big club to care so much about it's fans is unbelievable, Isaac bounced to school this morning as he couldn't wait to tell his teacher. Seeing a little boy who struggles with emotions so happy and excited means the world to us. Yorkshire have always gone above and beyond for us as a family. Previously Isaac has been invited to meet players and club officials, he's been fan of the match and is recognised around the ground. Cricket is a big part of his, and our, life.

Rob Zabrocky