Cloud scuppers 'super moon' view for some but all is not lost


The cloud foiled many people's view of the so called super moon last night.

It was widely publicised as a visual spectacular - something we won't see again for another 18 years, and a moon that hasn't been quite as close to Earth since 1948!

Did you manage to see it? Did you notice any difference to a normal full moon? The moon is currently at 'perigee' (closest in its elliptical orbit around earth) and is currently 14% larger than it would look at apogee (Furthest away in its elliptical orbit around earth).The truth is, the naked eye can't really notice the difference when looking at a moon that is over 200,000 miles away. So it really doesn't look any different to a normal full moon, at least to the naked eye.

Doncaster Credit: CHELLE TOVELL

Full moon was at lunchtime Monday so tonight, Tuesday night, it'll still look almost full and almost the same as it did last night, so don't worry if you missed it last night, the cloud will be more broken tonight and it rises at 17.25 this evening (Tuesday).

Leeds Credit: JAN BAKEWELL

As the moon pops up over the horizon and rises through trees and behind buildings, it gives the illusion that it is really large compared to when it is high in the sky. It isn't any larger, it's just an optical illusion and nobody know why.

Don't be too disappointed if the cloud hinders your view. The third Super moon of 2016 is on it's way 14th December but, and this is a technicality, it won't be as large as last night again until 2034, 25th November if you wish to put it in your diary!

Full moon setting Tuesday morning at Sandal Castle Credit: MICHIKO SMITH