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Two men jailed for Rotherham acid attack

Two men who sprayed acid in the face of a teenage boy and girl, causing one to partially lose their eyesight, are both serving prison sentences for their crime.

Michael Johnson (L) and Benjamin Brightmore (R) Credit: South Yorkshire Police

29-year-old Michael Johnson,Poole, and 26-year-old Benjamin Brightmore, Brampton-en-le-Morthen, appeared at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday to be sentenced for the incident, which happened in July last year.

Johnson was jailed for a total of seven years and six months for section 18 wounding, while Brightmore was jailed for one year and six months for affray.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 12 July last year, the two men were in Maranto’s takeaway in High Street, Swallownest, when they started an argument with a group of teenagers who were inside the takeaway buying food.

Two teenagers, a boy and a girl both aged 17 at the time of the incident, were sat at a table inside the takeaway when Johnson threw ammonia acid in their faces, as Brightmore stood alongside him.

The boy suffered loss of sight is one of his eyes and is having ongoing health issues as a result of the attack.

He will have reduced sight in one of his eyes permanently, as a result of this atrocious and senseless attack.

I’m thankful that these two men have now been jailed for what they did on that afternoon and hope this offers the victims some reassurance as they continue to try and move on from what happened.

This was an utterly despicable attack on two innocent individuals. These two men deserve to be behind bars for their horrific actions on that day.

– PC Tom Jordan, the investigating officer