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Tadcaster turns out to celebrate bridge re-opening after 13 months

The people of Tadcaster are celebrating the re-opening of their historic bridge - badly damaged more than 13 months ago in the Christmas floods of 2015.

The official opening was slightly delayed - right until the very last minute the finishing touches, such as resurfacing the road and the painting of white lines, were made.

But it was a colourful and triumphant procession of local school children and civic dignitaries who were the first to cross the new-look bridge, cut the ribbon, and declare it officially open.

Local pupils are the first to cross the bridge

The bridge was closed on Christmas Day 2015 due to fears about its stability during heavy rains and flooding.

It collapsed four days later, on December 29 2015 because its central piers were undermined by the ferocity of the river flow due to the flooding.

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