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Winter draws on!

Snow in Beverley Photo: COLIN EDWARDS

There is an old weather saying:

"As the days grow longer, the cold grows stronger"

There is a reservoir of bitterly cold air over Eastern Europe and Russia, (as there often is at this time of year) and as this week pogresses, we are going to tap into that reservoir.

High pressure is building over Scandinavia which will set up a cold, easterly airflow later this week Credit: Met Office/ITV

As I write this (Monday lunch-time) we are under an airmass 'battle-zone' Atlantic air is being fed in from the west, that will bring cloud, rain and hill fog Monday night. Pennine areas will brighten Tuesday as the frontal system grinds to a halt in the North Sea.

The Scandinavian 'High' will draw in very cold air from eastern Europe and Russia Credit: Met Office

Trough disruption to the west of the UK will weaken the Atlantic influence allowing high pressure to develop over Scandinavia. This 'Scandinavian High' will draw in very cold air from eastern Europe and Russia. So, will we get snow? Well, in a word yes, but I'm not expecting very much for the rest of this week - just light flurries out of mostly cloudy skies. The weather will be dry but cold with overnight frosts and icy patches. More significant snow is possible next weekend but I'll update you on that later in the week.