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Renewed calls for Lincolnshire based ambulance service

Hospital handover delays 'partly to blame'

There are renewed calls for a Lincolnshire based ambulance service, as the latest figures for our region reveal national targets for the most serious emergency calls have been missed over the past few months.

The figures show that only 70% of the most serious Red 1 calls were responded to within the supposed 8 minutes by EMAS on average for the past year. The national target is 75%.

For Red 2 calls, still life threatening emergencies but not immediately so, EMAS scored 59% - against the same targets.

EMAS says handover delays at hospitals account are partly to blame - with 889 cases of ambulances being forced to wait between one and two hours at Lincoln County Hospital over the past quarter alone.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Marc Jones, says the regional service provided by East Midlands Ambulance isn't working. The latest figures are to be discussed at a county council meeting, alongside claims volunteers are propping the service up.

EMAS though says response times are only one part of the story, and that quality of care is equally important.

Time is only one part of the story, equally as important is the quality of care we provide to the patient. We are an integral part of the NHS and while we are funded to provide a regional service we aim for local delivery with regional resilience to benefit all patients across the East Midlands.

– Dr Bob Winter, Medical Director at EMAS