Treasured City: Hunt for solid gold reminders of Scunthorpe's past

Treasure hunters in Scunthorpe will get a sneak preview of a search where golden artefacts worth at least £2,500 will be up for grabs to the intrepid explorers who can track them down.

As part of a project entitled "Treasured City", artist Luke Jerram has created five objects that will be hidden across Scunthorpe and the surrounding area, which can only be found by deciphering clues woven into woven into a series of intricate paintings, which will be shown at a new exhibition the Visual Arts Centre.

The artefacts, including a fisherwoman and a train, we selected by Luke before being recast into 18 carat gold, and hidden across the area.

Treasured City runs until the end of April, with the aim of encouraging people to learn more about Scunthorpe and the surrounding areas, along with its heritage and history.