Soaraway Lincoln City get ready for FA Cup take-off at Red Arrows

. Credit: UK Crown copyright

They've been a soaraway success this season.

And Lincoln City prepared for FA Cup take-off with a visit to the Red Arrows.

Players Paul Farman and Terry Hawkridge compared teamwork and formations with the aerial acrobatic team at RAF Scampton, just north of Lincoln.

The FA Cup trophy was also on display ahead of the Imps' trip to Arsenal in the quarter final tomorrow.

Squadron leader David Montenegro said: “We discussed many similarities between our respective teams – we both strive for and demand high performance throughout the year and to achieve this requires strong leadership, management and brilliant teamwork.

“Interestingly, both teams spend hours in our respective coaching/briefing rooms going through digital recordings of our performances so that balanced and critical analysis can be used to strive for perfection or, in the case of Lincoln City, to keep winning."