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Off-duty South Yorkshire firefighter helps to save life of Leicester City fan by giving pitch-side CPR at game

Caz Whiteman (pictured right) rushed to the aid of a man who had suffered a suspected heart attack. Photo: South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

An off-duty South Yorkshire firefighter helped to save the life of a football fan during Leicester City’s Champions’ League triumph over Sevilla this week.

Caz Whiteman, who works for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and is based at its Sheffield training centre, was in the crowd for the match at Leicester’s King Power Stadium on Tuesday night when a fellow spectator collapsed with a suspected heart attack.

She was sat nearby and immediately rushed to support pitch-side first aiders to deliver CPR, working for more than 15 minutes until he was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The supporter, who is a father-of-three, is now making a full recovery.

Caz Whiteman is a firefighter for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Credit: South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

As the teams were starting to come out for the second half, I noticed that a spectator was in difficulty.

I came down to the front of the pitch to see what I could do to help and it became clear he had suffered a heart attack and gone into cardiac arrest.

Along with the pitch side medics, I cleared his airway and immediately performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions.

This is where the skills I’ve picked up from my day job really came into their own.

Firefighters already have the skills and knowledge to provide effective first responder care in emergency situations, particularly at incidents were we may arrive on scene before paramedics.

My actions were a natural, instinctive reaction to the situation in front of me.

Anyone with the right skills and training would have done the same thing.

– Caz Whiteman, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service