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Parents fundraise in quest for truth about daughter's death

The parents of a 12-year-old girl from East Yorkshire who drowned on a school trip to France have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay French legal fees.

Jessica Lawson died in a swimming accident in France last year.

Jessica Lawson, a pupil at Wolfreton School, Willerby, died in July 2015 after apparently becoming trapped beneath an overturned pontoon, which she and a group of children were jumping from while swimming.

A French judge is investigating the tragedy, which happened in the Massif region, but the family's insurers will not pay for a lawyer to represent them in France.

Now Jessica's father Anthony has begun a campaign to raise £6,000 to pay for legal representation at the French inquiry.

An online fundraising page has raised more than £2,000 and today well-wishers gave him money in person when he asked for donations at public bench erected in Jessica's memory in Kirk Ella.

Mr Lawson said: "We need answers, we need to find out that the judicial process that we find ourselves in, asks the relevant questions of the relevant people.

"Our outcome remains the same. I won't be able to go and collect Jess off the bus. That's really all I wanted, still what I want today, but unfortunately I'm aware that's not going to happen, so our outcome is the same, we can't change that, but we do need to know the truth."