Meet Lottie the camel - supermum of the animal kingdom

Meet Lottie the camel, otherwise known as the supermum of the animal kingdom. The nine-year-old Bactrian Camel is juggling the job of looking after her newborn as well as adopting her daughter’s calf.

Her calm approach to the tiring tasks has amazed staff at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which celebrated the birth of the two camel calves on the 2nd of March.

Lottie’s daughter Gucci was the first to give birth but was a reluctant first time mum and did not want to look after her calf. A few hours later, Lottie’s own calf was born and the animal team at the Park saw an opportunity to try and encourage Lottie to foster the rejected calf.

The two newborns, now four weeks old, are a domestic strain of the critically endangered Bactrian camels whose numbers have dwindled to below 1,000 in their native Gobi Desert, in Asia.

Lottie and a calf Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park