Hull-born man becomes Britain's oldest at 109 - and he's not happy with Theresa May's Brexit timing

Robert 'Bob' Weighton was born in March 1908. Credit: ITV

A Hull-born man, dubbed Britain's oldest, is celebrating his 109th birthday today.

Robert 'Bob' Weighton was born in March 1908 - when Edward VII was King and Britain had yet to fight in two world wars.

He was the middle of seven children and has three children of his own, 10 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.

Mr Weighton's big day coincides with Theresa May's move to trigger Article 50 to initiate Britain's exit from the EU, prompting a response from the centenarian.

Mr Weighton stayed in school until he was 17, training in marine engineering, before he moved to Taiwan to work as an English teacher in 1925.

In 1937 he married in Hong Kong and upon the breakout of the Second World War, the couple tried to return to the UK by boat but were told not to return and stayed in Canada.

He was initially employed as an engineering supervisor, making planes for the British Army.

His knowledge of Japanese meant he later worked for the British Political Warfare Mission and helped to decipher enemy messages during America's battle with the Japanese.

After the war, he was finally able to return to England with his wife where he met his in-laws for the first time after 13 years of marriage.

Mr Weighton and his wife, who passed away in 1997, spent much of their retirement volunteering as marriage councillors and helping at youth groups in their adopted hometown of Alton in Hampshire.

He received a card from the Queen for his 100th birthday but opted out of receiving his annual card this year.