Chesterfield mum with MS had disability benefit car taken away after 'hand tickle assessment'

Sam Adams, from Chesterfield, struggles to walk due to her MS. Credit: PA

A mum with multiple sclerosis (MS) who was left without her Motability car for nearly a year claims it was taken away based on nothing more than a benefits assessor tickling her hand.

Sam Adams, from Chesterfield, had her vehicle withdrawn in June after being reassessed for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) nine months early.

The 41-year-old's MS is so severe that she has collapsed after losing all the power in her legs.

Ms Adams' original PIP award at the higher rate had been due to run out in December, having been awarded in 2014, but a reassessment in March led to it ending early.

The decision was overturned at a tribunal and she was awarded the higher rate of mobility, meaning she qualifies for a Motability vehicle which she hopes to have by the end of this month.