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Public inquiry into Boston flood barrier scheme

A public inquiry into a scheme to combat tidal flooding in Boston starts today.

The multi-million pound Boston Barrier project is designed to protect 17,000 properties in the area.

Last year, the Environment Agency asked the Secretary of State to grant powers to construct and operate the Boston Barrier.

If granted, it would allow the construction of a new tidal barrier with a moveable gate across the River Witham and a new building to enable operation of the barrier.

New flood defence walls would be built on both banks of the Haven, with a replacement gate across the entrance to the existing Port Wet Dock. The Environment Agency would be given permission to begin dredging the river.

It comes more than three years after nearly 600 properties were flooded when a tidal surge burst the banks of the River Haven in the worst incident of its kind in the area in 60 years.

The public inquiry is due to last four weeks.