An arctic maritime airmass is spreading southwards across the UK and this will come as quite a shock for some. Spring so far has been dry and relatively with the UK mean temperature for the first half of April 1.1 °C above the long term average.

High pressure has developed to the west of the U.K. and low pressure has formed over the North Sea. This results in a northerly airflow drawing in air from the still bitterly cold Arctic.

Monday night will see a touch of frost, especially in rural areas, so there may well be some windscreen scraping Tuesday morning. East of the A1 showers will bring a mix sleet, snow and hail, could lead to some temporary accumulations Monday night over the higher Wolds and North York Moors. On Tuesday these showers will start to move inland with almost anywhere seeing heavy showers which will bring hail, sleet and even some snow. Snow is only expected to settle on highest ground but they will be dramatic when they arrive.

Heavy shower from cumulo-nimbus over Lincolnshire Credit: Via twitter - @Unknownsymmetry

It's not all bad news though; in between the showers there will be spells of strong sunshine, so out of the wind it will feel pleasant but under cloud and in the wind it will feel quite cold. After another frost, a similar day is expected Wednesday with sunshine and heavy wintry showers.Thursday will see more layered cloud and lighter outbreaks of rain. Friday should be fine and we will lose that cold arctic wind so it will feel a little warmer.It’s not that unusual to see frost and wintry showers at this point in April. Spring is a season of contrasts as we move from the colder months of winter to the warmth of summer. In fact last year around this time we saw a similar weather pattern across the UK.As ever keep well up to date with the very latest forecast.