Sheffield child sex grooming gang brothers jailed

Three brothers from Sheffield have been jailed for a total of 30 years for their part in a child sex grooming ring.

Christopher Whiteley, 23, his brother, 25-year-old Matthew Whiteley and Shane Whiteley, who is 30, were convicted of a series of child sexual offences including conspiracy to cause child prostitution, arranging child prostitution and rape.

They plied a 15-year-old girl with drink and drugs and then forced her to have sex with up to 40 men for money.

The brothers were convicted following a seven-week trial. Christopher Whiteley was jailed for 15 years, Matthew Whiteley received seven years and Shane Whiteley got eight years in prison.

Amanda Spencer, 26, from Rotherham, was jailed for three years to run consecutively to a 12-year prison term she was already serving for similar offences.

Taleb Bapir, 39, of Verdon Street, Burngreave was jailed for ten years for his part in the crimes.

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Tate, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “Five very dangerous sexual offenders are now behind bars for their horrendous crimes, thanks in large part to the courage of nine incredibly brave women who put their faith in South Yorkshire Police.

“I am grateful to those victims for coming forward and having confidence in our officers to investigate these crimes thoroughly and bring those responsible before the courts."