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Election 2017: The Great Grimsby candidates looking for your vote

Melanie Onn won the seat in 2015
  • By Melanie Onn, Labour candidate

I am Grimsby born and bred. I started out on the Nunsthorpe and Grange Estates, and was supported by local young people’s homeless charity when I was 17.

I still live in the town with my family. We use the the local primary school, GPs, hospital, and transport. I am 100% committed to getting the best for Great Grimsby.

When I stood to be your MP just two years ago I promised to fight for the jobs, regeneration and investment that our town needed. Since then I have:

  • Saved hundreds of jobs;
  • Delivered well-paid, high-skilled jobs in renewables;
  • Helped bring in new investment to Great Grimsby Town Centre;
  • Voted to start the Brexit process in Parliament.

There is still so much more to do.

  • The Conservative Government’s funding cuts are threatening the future of our schools and nurseries.
  • Our local NHS Trust has gone into special measures for a second time;
  • Violent crime locally is up 59% since 2010;
  • Now the Tories are planning new tax rises which families in Great Grimsby who haven’t had a pay rise in years can’t afford.

We need a strong local voice to stand up for Great Grimsby’s interests.

– Melanie Onn
Jo Gideon is a social entrepreneur
  • Jo Gideon, Conservative candidate's manifesto

Jo brings to the table a wealth of real life experience in business, both at home and internationally, and as an award winning social entrepreneur.

As we negotiate Brexit, Jo believes it is crucial that we fight to get the best deal to strengthen our economy. Every vote for the Conservatives in this election will count to strengthen the UK's position helping Theresa May secure the best deal to strengthen our economy and make life in Grimsby even better. She believes that only by securing our economy’s future can we fund the services Great Grimsby needs, like our hospital and our police service, and avoid higher taxes, which is Labour’s prescription.

If elected Jo will be a strong champion for Grimsby supporting Theresa May in delivering jobs and securing the economic progress we have made for Brexit and beyond. Her background in business and experience as a social entrepreneur means she gets how to generate jobs and improve livelihoods.

Jo will be a champion for investment in the town, working to safeguard the future of our fishing and food processing industries and looking for opportunities for investment in training and apprenticeships in emerging renewables and marine technologies for our young people.

Steve Beasant is a North East Lincolnshire Councillor
  • By Steve Beasant, Liberal Democrat candidate

Number one priority, ending the blight of empty homes and ending the fiasco of building on green field land by looking for alternative land such as brownfield land.

15,640 pensioners living in Great Grimsby will receive at least an extra £772 per year under Liberal Democrat manifesto plans to protect the 'triple lock' for state pensions. Liberal Democrats would also limit some non-pension benefits for the wealthiest pensioners. Winter Fuel Payment would be withdrawn from those pensioners who pay tax the higher rate (40%).

Liberal Democrats would invest an extra £7bn a year in schools, reversing all of the Conservative cuts to education and protecting funding for every school and every child. These plans will be fully costed in our manifesto.

Invest an extra £6bn a year in our NHS & Social Care system to paid for by a 1p rise in income tax.

Real investment in renewables that will make us a world leader in green energy, creating green jobs and growth, bringing about an end to the cuts to solar and wind power.

I'll campaign for the best Brexit deal for our area, protects jobs, businesses, and communities. I believe that this deal should be placed before the electorate.

– Steve Beasant
Mike Hookem is an MEP for Yorkshire & Humber
  • By Mike Hookem, Ukip candidate

From a hospital in special measures; to a dire lack of educational and training opportunities; unemployment; and increasing poverty levels, there are many problems to fix in Grimsby.

I want to help Grimsby grasp the opportunities that Brexit can bring.

From rebuilding the fishing industry to attracting new investment and providing new opportunities for training and jobs, there is much we can do to make Grimsby great.

The fact is, with Brexit, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild and regenerate this town. However, to make a real difference, we must sow the seeds of change at this general election to secure Grimsby’s future and see the improvements this town deserves.

This election is about who you trust to fight for the issues that are important to you and who you believe will deliver on their promises.

While I don’t promise improvements overnight, I do promise to work tirelessly for the people of Grimsby. I promise to listen and act on your concerns and to fight at every level to make sure the people of Grimsby have a voice. So please, vote for me and fight to make Grimsby great!

– Mike Hookem