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Some warm sunshine at last. But will it last?

Sunny skies over Rotherham on Wednesday Credit: DAVID EVANS

The Maximum temperature at Pickering Monday was 8ºC. It wasn't much higher than that yesterday (Tuesday) whereas today it's creeping up to 18ºC as I write this (Wednesday lunch-time). Why has it been so unseasonably cold? the reason has been down to the wind direction. Winds for the last ten days or so have been coming from northern Scandinavia via the North Sea which is just about at it's coldest at this time of year. That coupled with low cloud has given some miserably cold weather.

Blue sky and rape crops near Rotherham Credit: DAVID EVANS

So, over the next few days, it's good news and bad news; our air will be coming from a southerly direction bringing warmer weather from the western Mediterranean but this will increase humidity and bring thundery showers northwards as we head towards weekend.

Unsettled, thundery weather over Spain/Portugal will spread north over the coming days Credit: ITV/Met Office

So whilst we will have higher temperatures and some sunshine, we can also expect some heavy showers. This will be a relief to our upland areas because low rainfall over the last few weeks has the left the ground particularly dry in some areas, with vegetation such as heather and bracken particularly susceptible to burning.

The North York Moors National Park Authority says there is also an increased risk of forest fires and has put up warning signs at key sites advising visitors what they can do to help reduce the risk; this includes avoiding lighting fires and barbecues and not discarding cigarettes, matches or glass bottles, including throwing cigarette ends out of car windows.

Hatfield, Doncaster Wednesday morning Credit: RACHEL COULT

Something else to bear in mind as we embrace the sunshine is how strong it is at this time of year. The UV index is 6 at the moment, that is a HIGH risk of sunburn. You can check out the UV index here.