Huge crowds force road closures as Corbyn visits Leeds

Jeremy Corbyn arrived in Leeds amid huge cheers Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The Labour battle bus arrived in Leeds amid huge cheers and chants of 'Corbyn, Corbyn.'

The crowds at Brudenell Social Club even booed en masse as Mr Corbyn railed against the cyber attack on the NHS last week.

The Labour leader drew laughs when his microphone momentarily cut out, quipping that the party needs to get hold of some microphones "that actually work".

He also joked about last week's leak of Labour's draft manifesto, saying he was "sure" the crowd knew nothing about what would be in the final version on Tuesday, before urging them to ignore the leak.

Thousands turned out to see the Labour leader in Hebden Bridge Credit: Press Association

Earlier, so many people turned out to see Mr Corbyn at an event in Hebden Bridge, the Labour leader made his stump speech twice - once, as planned, in a crammed town hall room and again from a balcony outside.

More people waited outside than were packed inside the venue for the first speech as around 2,000 arrived at the event.

Scores of people tried to watch from a nearby bridge and even from the other side of the river which runs through the middle of the Pennine town.

Inside the town hall, there was light-hearted heckling from a boisterous collection of supporters.

One man shouted: "Will you do all of these things you say you will?"

Mr Corbyn stopped talking and just replied: "Yes."

Another group of supporters shouted: "Frack-free planet."

The Labour leader stopped and asked them to repeat their shout, saying: "I think I agree. What did you say?"

He then said: "I hear you, I hear you."

Mr Corbyn joked with the audience inside and out about Tuesday's manifesto launch, telling the crowds it would be a surprise for them all.

There were more crowds surrounding Mr Corbyn's car as he left the building and stopped for selfies before leaving the town.