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Relatives of missing Sheffield woman tell horror of Manchester attack

Have you seen Kelly? Credit: Twitter

Relatives of a woman missing in the Manchester bombing today told how victims were left with metal bolts embedded in their bodies.

Paul Dryhurst's niece Kelly Brewster from Sheffield, 32, is feared to have been killed when she visited the Arena with her sister Claire Booth, and Claire's daughter Hollie, 11.

All three were caught in the blast and Claire, 34 and Hollie were today being treated in hospital for horrific shrapnel wounds. Speaking from his home in Sheffield Paul said Claire and Hollie were having to have bolts surgically removed from their bodies.

Lorry driver Paul, 59, said: "Kelly has shielded Hollie and Claire from the damage.

"The three were walking out in single file, with Claire in front, Hollie behind her, and Kelly behind her.

"When the bomb has gone off the impact has broken Claire's jaw and broken Hollie's legs.

"They are both currently in hospital having nuts and bolts removed from all places.

"Claire is having a bolt removed from her face and poor Hollie is having bolts removed all the way up her legs, to her bum, to her private parts.

"After the impact Claire had gone to Hollie but when she looked up she couldn't find Kelly. They lost her in all the commotion."

Paul added: "We've now not heard anything for so long and holding on to the old saying 'no news is good news' but the longer it goes on, the worse it feels.

"We may appear alright on the outside but inside we are churning.

"Kelly only lives a few doors away, she has the house that belonged to her grandparents. It was the house we grew up in.

"We are all so close and it is terrifying what we're going through.

"You hear of bombings in the news but nothing prepares you for something like this happening and for your own family to be involved."

He told how Claire, Kelly and schoolgirl Hollie would often go to concerts together and would travel to Manchester and London to see their favourite performers.

He said: "They were all fans of Ariana Grande - all three of them.

"They just love her music."

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