More than 100 Imams holding vigil remembering terror attack victims

A Yorkshire religious leader has helped organise a vigil near London Bridge today involving 100 Imams across the county.

Qari Asim is an Imam at the Makka Mosque in Leeds. He is co-ordinating the event in London at 1pm.

Imams from across the country will come together to condemn the recent atrocities in Manchester and London and make clear that there is no religious justification in the taking of innocent lives.

The event near London Bridge will pay tribute to those killed in the terror attacks and speak out strongly against those who commit them.

Flowers left for the victims of the London Bridge terror attack Credit: PA

A statement condemning extremism and terrorist violence, endorsed by 500 British Imams from all over the UK, will be read out publicly.

The Imams also set out what they will be doing within their communities and mosques to challenge, robustly and precisely, the perverted interpretation of Islam that is put forward by the so-called Islamic State and other extremist groups.

The Imams will also urge people to continue to report to the authorities anyone expressing sympathy with violent extremism.

They will reiterate their commitment to not accepting terrorists in life or death by refusing to perform funeral prayers for terrorists.

Asim, who is also a spokesperson for the British Muslim Forum said: “We want to send a clear message to any Muslim attracted to violent extremism. This is forbidden by your religion.

There is no justification in Islam for taking innocent life. If you follow this path you are stepping away from Islam to a dark and godless place. Your views are not welcome in our mosques or in our communities. This is not a path to heaven – think of the pain you will cause, the lives you will destroy. Please, think again.

Qari Asim, Leeds Makkah mosque