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Liver disease campaign launched amid weight epidemic in North East Lincolnshire

Seven out of ten adults in North East Lincolnshire are overweight or obese, but fewer than 10% are aware that being overweight is a major cause of liver disease.

Credit: British Liver Trust

The British Liver Trust is visiting the region to raise awareness.

The charity's Love Your Liver campaign is in Scunthorpe providing free liver checks in a branded mobile screening unit. The awareness campaign aims to reach the one in five people in the UK who may have the early stages of liver disease, but are unaware of it.

Liver disease is largely preventable. More than 90% is due to three main risk factors: obesity, alcohol and viral hepatitis.

"Liver disease and cancer of the liver affect at least two million people in the UK - and the numbers diagnosed have been increasing at an alarming rate. It is a silent killer and people often don't realise they have a problem until it is too late. Although the liver is remarkably resilient, if left until you see signs it is often irreversible. I would urge everyone to take our online screener on our website to see if they are at risk and if you are in the area please pop down to our mobile screening unit"

– Andrew Langford Chief Executive, British Liver Trust

The British Liver Trust's Love Your Liver campaign focuses on three simple steps to Love Your Liver back to health:

  • Drink within recommended limits and have three consecutive days off alcohol every week

  • Cut down on sugar, carbohydrates and fat and take more exercise

  • Know the risk factors for viral hepatitis and get tested or vaccinated if at risk