Council, police and faith leaders unite to support Muslim community

Council‭, police ‬and ‭‬faith‭‭ ‬leaders‭‭ ‬have attended Leeds Makkah mosque‭ ‬‬prayers‭ ‬‬to demonstrate their support‭ for‭ the‭ ‭‬Muslim community.

Together they presented ‘Turn to Love’ banners and wrote messages of support for the Muslim community.

In a week marked by another act of violence, council and faith leaders wanted to send the message that they and the vast majority in their communities stand with their muslim neighbours against hate, violence and intolerance.

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson (L) spoke at the event

They‭ ‬‬call‭ed ‬on‭ ‬members‭ ‬‬of‭ ‬the‭ ‬public‭ ‬to visit‭ their‭ ‬local‭ mosques‭ ‬across‭ ‬ ‭ ‬the country to show their support and to demonstrate that we have more in common, taking gifts or messages of support as they do so.

Imam of Makkah Mosque, Qari Asim said:

“We've been experiencing a rise in anti-Muslim hatred; which is affecting the Muslim community.

West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Dee Collins said: "I recognise that after recent horrific events in the country many in our communities feel anxious, upset and fearful.

This was one of the many events to be held around the country this weekend showing solidarity with the Muslim community. The event was supported by the Jo Cox Foundation and others.