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Family of last Hillsborough victim 'disappointed' over Manslaughter charge exclusion

Tony Bland died in 1993 Credit: Family photo

The family of the last Hillsborough vicim to die say they are ''hugely disappointed'' that their son was not included in the manslaughter charge.

Tony Bland died four years after the disaster - and according to law at the time he died, that's too late for anyone to be held accountable.

Yesterday, former Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield, match commander on the day in 1999, was charged with the manslaughter by gross negligence of 95 men, women and children.

David Duckenfield has not been charged with Tony Bland's death Credit: PA

But in a statement released to ITV News, Mr Bland's family expressed their 'relief' for the other victims' families.

The family statement from Allan, Barbara and Angela Bland, read: "Whilst we are hugely disappointed with the exclusion of Tony from the manslaughter charge against David Duckenfield by the CPS, our relief for the families of the other 95 men, women and children outweigh our personal frustrations.

Tony Bland was the last of the 96 Liverpool fans to die at Hillsborough Credit: Family photo

Due to a lengthy legal process to allow Tony to die with dignity, Tony’s time of death was four years after the Hillsborough disaster, although we lost him on 15th April 1989.

The law at the time states that if a person dies more than one year and one day after the injuries that caused the death, the person allegedly responsible for those injuries cannot be charged with their manslaughter.

Justice has been achieved following the inquests, when the jury returned the verdict of all 96 victims being unlawfully killed at Hillsborough, and nothing will ever change that.

We will continue to support the other families on the journey for accountability, despite Tony being excluded from the prosecution of David Duckenfield.

– Allan, Barbara and Angela., Bland

"We wish to thank everyone who has taken time to express their support, particularly through social media.

"Wednesday’s CPS decisions have been a long time coming, and made all the more possible due to the tireless work of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, a group we are proud to be associated with.

"We ask you to keep Tony in your thoughts as we move on through the next process for accountability.

Allan, Barbara and Angela."

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