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Bells to toll at Sheffield church to mark death of bellringer

Bells will ring out at St John's Church in Sheffield today to mark the centenary of the death of one of its ringers during the First World War.

St John's Church, Ranmoor and the memorial bearing the names of all parishioners who died in the First World War

Arthur Ward, who was part of a large bell ringing family and died on July 1 1914 close to Arras, in France, during an attack by the York and Lancaster's 14th Battalion – also know as the 2nd Barnsley Pals.

A memorial peal lasting more than three hours and a quarter peal the following day will mark the passing of Mr Ward.

The veteran and his four older brothers – Alfred, Francis, Maurice and Fred - all rang at St John's and have their achievements recorded on 'Peal Boards' in the ringing chamber of the church's bell tower.

His death is commemorated in St John's ringing chamber by a brass plaque, which records that he was killed at Gavrelle, a village six miles north east of Arras.

Plaque in memory of Arthur Ward as it might appear after restoration of original coloured lettering.