Poker playing grandad pockets £2m in Vegas

A grandfather from Bridlington has pocketed $2.6m (£2m) after taking part in the world's most prestigious poker tournament in Las Vegas.

John Hesp took the poker world by storm by making it into the final table of the competition.

The grandfather of seven said playing in Vegas was on his bucket list - and that it makes a change from playing in his local casino in Hull.

The 64-year-old said he had "lived the dream and loved it".

Speaking to Poker News after his win, he added: "'I hope I have spread a little light and happiness in the game."

The flamboyant caravan salesman's win is said to be the second biggest cash price ever by a British player.

The final tournament at the Rio casino, which has a £6.3 million jackpot, concludes on Saturday.