Victims of crime in Nottinghamshire can now go online to report a crime or incident and track their investigation through to its conclusion, thanks to the launch of a new online service.

Nottinghamshire Police has adopted the Home Office's national online crime reporting tool which allows victims of crime to report crimes and incidents that do not require an immediate police response at any time of day or night.

Since the service was first introduced in Nottinghamshire in April 2017, over 300 crimes and incidents have been reported online, including reports of thefts, criminal damage, traffic offences, antisocial behaviour, hate crimes and even historic sexual offences.

At the same time, Nottinghamshire Police has also adopted the national TrackMyCrime tool which allows victims of crime to register to receive updates from the officer investigating their case via a secure online portal.

In the modern world people expect to be able to do things online, seeing it as faster and more convenient for their busy lives.

Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable, Craig Guildford

The Home Office's online reporting tool has been designed to respond to victims' answers as they progress through the reporting process to ensure that only non-emergency crime and incidents are reported online and that matters requiring an urgent police response are highlighted.

The form's design also ensures that all reports contain enough information for officers to be able to act upon the information they receive at the first point of contact, without having to request clarification or additional information from victims.

Once a victim has made their report using the secure online service, the report is reviewed by Nottinghamshire Police's Control Room before an appropriate response is coordinated in a similar way to reports made via the 101 non-emergency phone service.

Where a response is required, victims will be contacted either by phone or email within 24 hours.