Heartwarming bond between five-year-old Tempy and war veteran Simon Brown

A moving video released by the charity Help for Heroes shows the extraordinary bond between facially-scarred war Veteran Simon Brown and the five-year-old girl who supports him.

In the video, fundraiser Tempy Pattinson talks to the 38-year-old Iraq hero, who's from Morley, near Leeds, about the day he was shot in the face by a sniper, leaving him virtually blinded and with extensive facial injuries.

During the film Simon tells the little girl, who has raised hundreds of pounds for the charity with a sponsored swim and triathlon: “I got shot in the face but I was lucky. It’s because of the challenges you do, and the money you raise and the support you give, that people like me can get better. So that’s why people like you are our heroes.”

Tempy, who's from Darlington, simply replies: “And people like you are mine.” The clearly emotional pair then share a “fist-bump” as the filmconcludes.

Best of friends: Tempy and Simon Credit: Help for Heroes

You can see the video in full below ..... and click here for more on the Help for Heroes Facing it Together campaign.

The film is the first in a series to be produced by Help for Heroes as part of its new Facing it Together campaign, which aims to show audiences the tangible differences that the charity’s supporters make to the lives of veterans and their families.

Simon is one of at least 66,000 ex-military personnel with life-changing injuries and illnesses in the UK who are in need of support. Since his injury he has endured 25 operations and hours of surgery to rebuild his shattered face.