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Baby Box scheme launched in Leeds to reduce infant deaths

Hospitals in Leeds are starting to give out free Baby Boxes as part of a programme in a bid to reduce the number of infant deaths across the county.

The programme hopes to tackle the number of infant deaths across the county Credit: Baby Box Co.

The Baby Box Co. provides the kit, which doubles as an infant sleeping space and contains useful information and products for families.

The aim of the programme is to encourage early engagement with maternity services and access to care for all pregnant women.

In order to receive a free Baby Box, expecting parents will need to complete the Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust syllabus on.

Upon completion, they will receive a certificate that can be redeemed for their free Baby Box.

I am really pleased that we have had the opportunity to work with The Baby Box Company and are now able to provide parents-to-be with the opportunity of a free baby box.This initiative supports the information that parents receive around safe sleeping and reducing the risk of cot death. But it is much more than that: parents have access to a wealth of information, in the form of short films made by the maternity team in Leeds about pregnancy, birth and caring for their babies.

– Sue Gibson, Head of Midwifery for the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust