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Vernon Kay's rallying cry to save namesake Sheffield oak tree

Vernon Kay has joined a growing band of well-known personalities in the fight to save trees in Sheffield from being felled.

Vernon Kay Credit: @vernonkay

The television star made the call on social media to save the 'Vernon' oak tree which is just one of hundreds earmarked by the council to be cut down.

He said his namesake tree was 'probably more than 100 years old' and had 'witnessed the evolution of Sheffield', adding 'we need trees, everyone knows that come on lets raise awareness.'

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It's a travesty, it really is that they're chopping all these mature oak trees down. Sheffield Council, come on, it's only a pavement I'm sure you've got a few quid somewhere that you can redesign the pavement around that tree, that's been in Sheffield longer than everyone in Sheffield"

– Vernon Kay
Protests over tree felling in Sheffield are continuing Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Environment secretary, Michael Gove, has also intervened in the long-running campaign to save the trees alongside The labour MP for Sheffield Hallam Jared O'Mara.

The oak tree is set to be felled next week as part of the council's tree replacement programme. The authority says the tree is causing severe damage to the road.

Every tree removed for replacement has been categorised as being either dead, dying, diseased, dangerous, damaging footpaths, private property or roads or discriminatory.

The tree on Vernon Road is causing severe damage to the road and so needs to be replaced as part of the programme.

– Spokesperson, Sheffield City Council