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Sheffield tree campaigner will stay up Vernon 'all week'

Going nowhere - Vernon Oak campaigner

A campaigner who has tied himself up a 150-year-old tree in Sheffield to voice his opposition to its felling says he will stay there all week.

Protestors gathered this morning to object to the loss of the Vernon oak. The tree, on Vernon Road, is being cut down as part of a Sheffield City Council highways scheme which the local authority says is essential for public safety. Celebrity Vernon Kay has backed the protestors on social media.

Sheffield City Council says around 400 street trees set to be replaced before the end of 2017 and that details explaining why the tree on Vernon Road needs to be replaced can be found on its website and have been available online since early 2017.

Sheffield is incredibly proud of its green credentials which is why, as part of the programme, Streets Ahead will enable the planting of an additional 600 street trees, which are more suitable for a modern day city environment. Ultimately, the programme will ensure an increased and sustainable street tree stock which can be enjoyed by generations to come.

– Spokesperson Sheffield City Council