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Raid on prison uncovers 1kg of drugs and large quantity of cash

A raid in HMP Lindholme uncovered 1kg of drugs and a large quantity of cash during a week of raids around Doncaster.

five men were arrested for drug related offences and seized a stun gun, cash and a quantity of class A and B drugs following warrants executed across the borough and at HMP Lindholme.

Our priority remains keeping members of the public safe, removing threats from the community and working to bring those engaging in illegal activity before the courts.

Drugs can have a devastating impact on our local communities and I hope by highlighting this work, members of the public feel reassured that we are taking proactive action.

– Detective Chief Inspector, Jade Brice
1kg of drugs were seized in the prison Credit: PA Images

During a warrant executed officers successfully recovered over 400 grams of Cocaine, 140 grams of Heroin and seized an electronic stun gun device.

Following concerns raised about prohibited paraphernalia being conveyed into prison, officers carried out a dedicated operation at HMP Lindholme.

I am determined to stem the flow of drugs and contraband into our prisons.

I want to pay tribute to the staff at HMP Lindholme for their work with South Yorkshire Police in helping recover this haul from entering the prison system to spread misery.

We are clear prisoners who pedal drugs should face the full force of the law, which means police investigation and extra time behind bars.

– Prisons Minister, Sam Gyimah