Anti-fracking campaigners have pledged to put their lives on the line to stop a company drilling for shale gas in North Yorkshire - after seeing a letter saying work on site will start 'on or after Thursday'.

Two protesters - who locked their arms together in a metal device - have been removed from a road near the site this morning. The road closure during this operation caused severe traffic delays.

They are threatening to step up their efforts to stop fracking going ahead in Kirby Misperton - amid fears it could be the first of many sites to be targeted.

North Yorkshire County Council gave Third Energy permission to frack in September.

Credit: ITV News

This morning there was further activity at the site as protestors tried to prevent a convoy of lorries getting through to the fracking site.

Police closed Kirkby Misperton Road as they attempted to move the two protestors locked into a heavy metal tube to try to stop the lorries.

I know that protest activity has had an effect on the local community, but I want to reassure everyone that we are doing all we can to make sure residents can go about their daily lives safely and without disruption. It’s challenging to balance that against the right of people to assemble and protest peacefully, so we’ll continue to talk to people on all sides of the issue, to help make this a safe and peaceful protest.

Superintendent Alisdair Dey, of North Yorkshire Police