Half a million Yorkshire workers paid less than 'real living wage'

Credit: PA

A campaign group says research shows more than 500,000 workers in Yorkshire are paid less that the so-called real living wage.

According to the Living Wage Foundation, the hourly rate of pay people need to get by in the UK has risen from £8.45 to £8.75 in the last year because of inflation. The living wage as defined by the government is £7.50.

The foundation says more than 170 employers in the Yorkshire region have committed to raising wages accordingly.

Its director Katherine Chapman said: "It’s thanks to the leadership of over 3,600 employers across the UK who are committed to paying all their staff, including cleaners and security staff, a real living wage.

“In-work poverty is today’s story. New figures out yesterday show that 5.5 million people are still paid less than the real living wage – it’s fantastic that this year alone over a thousand more employers have chosen to go beyond the legal minimum and pay a real living wage, putting fairness and respect at the heart of their business."