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Images reveal how remodelled Leeds station could look

New images have been released to show how the remodelled Leeds Station could look.

How the new entrance to the station could look Credit: Leeds City Council

The images have been released as part of a new report, the Leeds Integrated Station Masterplan, which provides the blueprint for the station’s transformation into a gateway hub which integrates national, regional and local transport services with HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail.

The computer-generated images show both internal and external indicative images of what the station could look like based on the set of principles for the masterplan approved by Leeds City Council last month.

These include new entrances, a new central common concourse, new platforms, new public space, a new roof, a new footbridge, external landscaping and the creation of a surrounding station campus for commercial, residential and leisure developments.

The city centre’s road network would be remodelled with adjoining streets and those under the station being pedestrianised, with the dark arches being transformed into new retail and leisure spaces.

These fantastic new images of what Leeds Station could look like show not only its exciting future as a distinct and welcoming gateway to the city, but how important it is to get this right by putting people and the visitor experience at the heart of all the plans. It must provide a stepchange not only for the future of transport and connectivity in our city and region, but also as a key economic driver for our future economy providing opportunities for all to benefit from through a clear people-first approach.

The arrival of high-speed rail is essential to helping Leeds and the wider region fully realise its massive potential, and we hope by seeing these images and reading the report everyone can see the level of ambition we have for this project – Leeds deserves the best and that is our committed aim.

– Leader of Leeds City Council Councillor Judith Blake

Working closely with our partners in the development of Leeds Integrated Station Masterplan has provided us with a unique opportunity to ensure that Leeds City Region is well-connected within the north. It’s vital that the future Northern Powerhouse Rail programme, as well as future local rail services, are reflected in the plans for HS2 infrastructure investment. With this station masterplan we are taking the first step towards creating a truly integrated transport hub, combining local, regional and high speed rail services, including our transformational Northern Powerhouse Rail programme.

Northern Powerhouse Rail will provide faster and more frequent connections between Leeds and other major hubs in the north, transforming connectivity. Creating a shared vision for the future of Leeds station ensures that Leeds and the wider city region will get the most out of this major infrastructure investment, creating a fitting gateway for the vibrant city and providing a catalyst for future growth.

– John Cridland, Chair of Transport for the North