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Leeds crash-for-cash case bribery gang jailed

Seven men offered cash to jurors in an attempt to buy not-guilty verdicts Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Seven men have been jailed for trying to bribe jurors sitting on a so-called cash-for-crash trial.

The men conspired together to offer money to jury members in an attempt to buy 'not guilty' verdicts.

The case centred around an incident in Beeston, Leeds, in September 2014.

Betty Laird, 88, died when the car she was in was deliberately targeted in a collision that was staged in an attempt to claim compensation.

Four men were charged with offences including manslaughter, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to commit fraud.

But the jury had to be dismissed after seven men – Raja Hussain, Shahrear Islam Miah, Jonaade Hussain, Waqas Ahmad, Zafarullah Ahmad, Abdilahi Ahmed and Jamie Lee Lawson – tried to pervert the course of justice by offering £500 each to five jurors in return for a not guilty verdict.

They set off a fire alarm so that the court was evacuated before approaching the jurors outside.

But the jury reported it to the judge, who dismissed them and heard the rest of the evidence alone before eventually sentencing the four defendants to a total of over 37 years.

Following the cash-for-crash case, the bribery gang were given sentences of between two and six years.

Raja Hussain and Jonaade Hussain were sentenced to a further ten years each for possession of firearms and explosives.

Julian Briggs, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “This was a cynical and blatant attempt to pervert the course of justice which was foiled by the commendably swift action of the jurors who had been targeted.

"Attempts to undermine the true course of justice will be dealt with severely. The sentences handed down today reflects the extreme gravity of this type of offending.”