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Veteran from Wakefield reunited with medals hours after they are stolen

An RAF veteran from Wakefield has been reunited with his missing medals - just hours after they were stolen from his home.

Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Police in Wakefield gave Herbert Rose, 85, his medals after they were handed in by a good Samaritan.

Officers are appealing for information regarding the break-in which took place between 8.30pm on Sunday November 20th and 4am on Monday November 21st at a house on Darnley Avenue in Wakefield.

Among the items taken were Mr Rose’s Suez Canal Zone medals, which represent his post Second World War service in the RAF, in the Canal Zone in Egypt.

Credit: West Yorkshire Police

The medals were found abandoned on a bridge wall on Darnley Avenue by a member of the public on Monday morning, and handed in to PCSO’s on duty at the Northgate helpdesk at 8.30am

They made a note of the details and kept in touch with colleagues form Wakefield District Patrol in case any attended a burglary report from which medals had been taken.

By 9.30 Mr Rose had been identified as the victim and had had his medals returned by patrol officers.