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Mind: One in three people admitted to hospital on mental health grounds 'discharged too soon'

  • Video report by Katie Oscroft

A woman from York has spoken frankly about her mental illness and pleaded for more funding to make sure that people like her are better cared for.

Kerry Martin from York says when she needed hospital treatment she was told there were no NHS beds for miles around.

The mental health charity Mind has done a survey of over 1,000 people who have been in hospital for mental health issues.

The charity says:

  • One in three people (38 per cent) felt they were discharged from hospital sooner than they should have been.
  • One in five (21 per cent) were given no notice at all that they were going home. This even happens when people have been in hospital for a long time - one in three people (33 per cent) in hospital for more than a month were given less than 48 hours' notice that they were being discharged or no notice at all.
  • Two out of five people (37 per cent) said there was no plan for further care and support, contrary to guidelines.
  • Less than half of people (44 per cent) said managing their mental health or self-care was considered in plans for leaving hospital
  • Only half of people (51 per cent) said their accommodation needs were considered in any plans, and less than a third (29 per cent) said that money and benefits were considered.

Mind has produced a booklet to help people plan for their care when they leave hospital after a mental health crisis and a briefing to show what can be done to support people.

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