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Adrian Edmondson to open new school library in Bradford

Bradford actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson will officially open the new library at Thackley Primary School today.

Credit: ITV

Adrian lived on Highfield Road as a child before achieving fame as a comedy actor,

He is currently playing the role of Malvolio in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Twelfth Night.

He has also recently written a children's book called 'Tilly and the Time Machine' which some children in KS2 have been reading.

The library, which has the capacity for 3000 books, is three times bigger than the previous library and is now fully accessible to all as it is situated on the ground floor.

The new school library will be open during and after school and will be appointing new junior librarians to look after the library and their all-new, broad selection of books.

"We hope our new school library will become the heart of Thackley Primary School. It will absolutely improve the children's learning experiences and we really can't wait for it to be finally open! "A well-stocked, well-designed and well-used library will have a lasting affect on generations of children at the school. It will help us to foster a love of reading in all of our children which we know is so vital."

– Annette Patterson, Head of School