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Lifetime ban for Barnsley man who gave horse penicillin for broken leg

The horse was found in difficulty at allotments in Barnsley Credit: RSPCA

A man from Barnsley who gave his horse penicillin instead of taking him to the vet when he suffered a broken leg has been given a suspended prison sentence and banned for life from keeping horses.

RSPCA inspectors found the piebald cob stallion lying down when they were called by police to allotments in Darton in May.

His breathing was laboured, his hooves were overgrown and he was unable to reach drinking water because of how he was tethered.

Enquiries found he had broken his leg a week earlier.

The owner, 55-year-old Kevin Wilson, of St Paul’s Parade, pleaded guilty to four animal welfare offences and was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail suspended for 12 months, ordered to do 120 hours of unpaid work and pay £600 in costs.

The horse had to be put down and nine others were taken in by the RSPCA.

The charity said: “Owning horses is a luxury, not a right, and if you take on responsibility for a horse you must ensure you have the means to do so.

“You must be able to provide food, water,somewhere appropriate for them to live, be able to get the farrier in or get avet out if they become injured or ill."