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Hull transgender rights campaigner bags £4 million on a lottery scratch-card

A taxi driver and transgender rights campaigner from Hull has won four million pounds - on a lottery scratch-card.

Melissa Ede says she told her fiancee she'd be a millionaire by the end of 2017 - and made it with one day to spare.

She bought the winning card at a garage the day before New Year's Eve because it 'caught her eye'.

It's a dream come true for 57-year-old Melissa, a mother of four, who transitioned to become a woman seven years ago, despite being disowned by her parents.

She's now quit work and is planning a 'circus wedding' to her girlfriend.

She now says she wants to write a book about her "extraordinary life", which has seen her appear on Jeremy Kyle and Judge Rinder here on ITV, and the challenges she has faced.